Knowledgeable and creative legal experts with courage

The extra mile for all our clients

That is what we do at Loonstein Advocaten

At Loonstein Advocaten we have got a team of legal experts that are personally involved with their clients and cases. We’re courageous, comprehensive and approachable.

We are willing to fight for everyone that is in need of legal assistance, with the knowledge, courage, and creativity that will realize the desired outcome. We use our own distinctive approach: always in accordance with the law, not always by the book. 

40 yrs.

of experience within the legal profession


commitment for every case and client

9 yrs.

active in almost all jurisdictions


always personally involved

We help our clients

With all legal issues

Our unique successful method

Knowledge, courage, and creativity. We always work in accordance with the law, not always by the book. This is how we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

‘’Lawyers with intelligence ánd compassion. A combination I’ve never seen before.’’
‘’Sharp lawyers with genius solutions.’’
‘’In a time where everything gets more and more businesslike and aloof, it is great to see that approachable, personal and involved lawyers still exist. The team of Loonstein Advocaten is the ultimate example.’
‘’My case seemed to be a dead-end and I almost threw in the towel. Once I got in contact with Loonstein Advocaten this point of view changed completely. By using a creative strategy and never giving up the team managed to get amazing results. I am forever thankful.’’
‘’The team of Loonstein Advocaten really listened to my story, which gave me courage and confidence in a successful outcome. This trust paid off.’’
‘’Lawyers with gogme and nesjomme.’’
‘’At Loonstein Advocaten it’s not just one person at your side, but a whole team of legal experts. This is what I like most about the firm. They all wanted what was best for us and that’s exactly what we needed.’’
‘’Masters in translating emotions into a solid legal approach.’’

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