About Loonstein Advocaten

From the youngest lawyer in the Netherlands to a family business

In 1980, the 22-year-old Herman Loonstein was licensed to practice law – at that moment the youngest of The Netherlands. After three years of experience at the well-known Amsterdam law firm Gomperts, he decided to start his own firm together with two other lawyers: Loonstein Advocaten was born. Using a unique, personal and above all creative approach to reach the desired goals Herman became one of the most famous lawyers of the Netherlands.

Over 20 years after its founding, Loonstein Advocaten took office in a residential building in Amsterdam Buitenveldert and three of Herman’s sons, who share his passion for law and justice, joined the firm. With father, sons, legal specialists and experts, lawyers, and paralegals, Loonstein Advocaten grew to be more than a family business.

With a head office in the Netherlands and a desk in Israel, Loonstein Advocaten handles legal affairs of Dutch people in Israel and vice versa. It is the firms’ ambition to become a full-service legal office with multiple offices in the Netherlands.

Legal help for everyone

Whatever the legal issue, our team of experts is able and willing to help. A big or small legal issue, a personal or business problem. In and out of court, we offer the necessary help, commitment, and support. We understand that legal issues can be very stressful for you and your surroundings. We are always willing to listen to your story and won’t forget about the personal aspects behind the issue. We use a personal approach and communicate clearly and often. We believe everyone should get the chance to get justice; multinationals, SME’s and individuals.

Creativity & guts

Herman Loonstein’s unique approach full of courage has been adopted by everyone within our firm – by each in his own way. With a go-getter mentality we will find a fitting solution for our clients’ problems. Our lawyers do not play the game as expected and deviate from the beaten track. We do not quit when it gets tough and do not accept our client being disadvantaged by automatism or bureaucracy. We are a team of legal experts that choose the best strategy and go the extra mile to get optimum results.

Experience & expertise

Our founder, Herman Loonstein, has been active as a lawyer for over 38 years. Together with the rest of our legal experts and employees, we form a close team of experienced specialists within almost all jurisdictions. We believe in specializing, but do not think that extensive expertise within just one field of justice creates the best lawyer. Knowledge of and experience in multiple jurisdictions do. This can add value in a lot of cases, because often legal issues are much bigger than just one element of one jurisdiction. At Loonstein Advocaten, clients are not assigned to one person’s knowledge; our experts work together to achieve the desired outcome.

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